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Fast Facts About Sheep Ecology dvd


"The Fast Facts About Sheep Ecology dvd reviews how targeted/prescribed sheep grazing can be used to improve habitat for both people and wildlife.  Sheep grazing can be part of our environment management toolbox.  In addition to providing meat and wool, sheep can be used to control noxious weeds that are invading millions of acres of public and private lands.  Targeted/prescriptive sheep grazing helps control unwanted vegetation without the use of costly herbicides and gas-powered machinery.  Here's your chance to learn about the positive, environmental benefits of sheep grazing!"  (play time:  10 minutes)

**dvd resolution is higher quality than what appears on the website and YouTube**

 To order copies of the Fast Facts About Sheep Ecology dvd send $5/dvd (includes S & H)

Make check or money order payable to Colorado Sheep & Wool Authority, PO Box 292, Delta, CO 81416

You can view the Fast Facts About Sheep Ecology dvd by clicking here.

You can also view it on by searching for "Fast Facts About Sheep Ecology."