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Colorado Sheep & Wool Authority

The repeal of the National Wool Act and Wool Incentive Payment Program (1993) ended funding for the national promotional checkoff as well as eliminating the dollars that were allocated back to individual states for promotional purposes.  Producers in Colorado felt that a promotion, education, research, and information program was necessary for the advancement of the Colorado sheep industry.  Therefore, the legislative language was passed that enabled the implementation of the Colorado state sheep checkoff.

Checkoff dollars can only be used for promotion, education, research, and information.  Checkoff money cannot be used for direct lobbying or legislative efforts.  However, checkoff dollars can be used to provide background information and materials to educate decision makers.

Each year, the Board of Directors sets priorities based upon the needs of the sheep industry.  Projects are funded that fall within the goals and objectives determined by the Board.  All producers and feeders are encouraged to attend the quarterly Board meetings or contact their district representatives with ideas, suggestions, or concerns.