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  Shearing:  Keeping Sheep Healthy & Harvesting a High Performance Fiber

Click here to watch the 12 minute Shearing video

Wool…….one of nature’s most versatile fibers.  Wool is a natural fiber that comes from sheep.   It is eco-friendly, as sheep naturally leave only a small hoof print in the environment. 

Wool has several unique characteristics that make it a top choice to use in military clothing applications; and it’s often the fabric of choice for outdoors and sports enthusiasts because it produces high-quality, high-performance garments.

Wool is removed from the sheep in a process called shearing.  While we enjoy the many benefits of wool products such as blankets, clothing, carpets, etc.  the first and foremost purpose of shearing is to ensure the good health of the sheep.  Most breeds of sheep do not shed their fleece; their wool grows continually throughout their life.  Sheep are shorn once a year, usually before lambing.  Sheep that are not shorn typically develop a variety of health problems.

This short video explains how and why sheep are shorn.