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Goals & Objectives

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Legislative Declaration (35-57.5-102)

1) It is hereby declared to be in the interest of the public welfare that owners of sheep be authorized and encouraged to act jointly and in cooperation in promoting and stimulating, by research, education, advertising, and other methods, the increased and efficient production, distribution, use and sale of sheep and sheep products….

2) The purpose of this article is to enable the sheep industry to effectively correlate and encourage the advancement and improvement of its commodities.


Operating Principles

Establish an issue management network that can educate the public on issues that impact the sheep industry, and provide a rapid response on crisis issues.

Provide Feedback to the Industry on Projects and Activities Funded by Checkoff Dollars.


Goals & Objectives

Revised February 27, 2017


Goal 1 - Increase Consumption of Colorado Lamb


1)      Improve awareness of Colorado Lamb in the Hotel / Restaurant Trade; promote Colorado Lamb to restaurants; and develop educational programs for chef's on Colorado Lamb

2)      Work with retailers to use and identify Colorado Lamb

3)      Increase marketing opportunities for Colorado Lamb

4)      Increase the public and consumer groups awareness of Colorado Lamb and its unique taste and value to Colorado

Goal 2 - Increase Public Awarenes of the Colorado Sheep Industry


1)      Support programs that enhance the image of the Colorado sheep industry and its products.

Goal 3 - Producer  & Public Education


1)      Address animal health and identification issues

2)      Provide education on how to produce a consistent supply of quality lambs and wool

3)      Educate producers about industry resources

4)      Educate consumers about the value of the Colorado sheep industry to Colorado and its products.

Goal 4 -Increase Demand for Wool and Wool Products


1)   Increase awareness of proper care and packaging of wool      

2)      Increase awareness on wool preparation and pelt care

3)      Increase awareness of consumers about using wool and wool products

4)      Increase awareness of marketing opportunities for Colorado wool and pelts 

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