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Livestock Protection Dogs:  Do's & Don'ts

If you encounter a band of sheep...Listed below are actions to take to minimize conflicts if you are near a band of sheep.


  • Keep your dog on a leash and never allow your dog to run towards or harass the sheep
  • Watch for livestock protection dogs near sheep (usually large white or tan dogs)
  • Remain calm if a livestock protection dog approaches
  • Stop and get off of your bike, put your bike between you and the dog
  • Tell the dog to "go back to the sheep" or say "no" in a firm voice
  • Keep your distance from the sheep and choose the least disruptive route around the sheep
  • If the sheep are trailing, be still and quiet and wait for them to pass

DO NOT.....

  • Chase or harass the sheep or dogs
  • Try to outrun the dogs
  • Throw things at the dogs
  • Make quick movements
  • Feed the dogs
  • Take a dog with you
  • Attempt to befriend or pet the dog

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